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The Kingdom Paradigm
  The Kingdom Paradigm is a look at the Kingdom of God from a political perspective. “Kingdom” is a political term; it is a form of governemnt and Jesus is the King. Jesus wasn’t only a religious figure, He was political as well. That is why the establishment saw Him as a threat. This study addresses many of the issues and misconceptions that short-circuit the governmental authority that Christians should be operating in. The study has 24 lessons with worksheets an includes a commentary on Matthew, Chapter 24.

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Destiny 101
  Destiny 101 is a study degigned to establish a strong foundation of God’s purpose and plan. Knowing this enables us to discover how we fit into His plan and allows us to dicover our destiny. Some of the things addressed in Destiny 101 include…

  • God’s master strategy for restoring the planet;
  • Keys to unlocking your destiny;
  • How to reconcile predestination with personal choices and responsibility;
  • A framework for understanding the future & The Axiom of the Future;
  • Satan’s worst nightmare and the mystery of iniquity;
  • The Axiom of History and the Axiom of Destiny;
  • The difference between the milk and meat of the Word;
  • An understanding of the Ministry of Righteousness and the Order of Melchizedek;
  • How to balance unity with the diversity of individual callings;
  • How to become a “Son of Issachar” who understands the times and knows what to do
  • and more.

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Praying The Vision
  This is more than a prayer guide. It a training tool for prayer warriors, providing important concepts regarding vision and prayer. It is a practical tool that keeps our vision fresh and our prayers on track.

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